I’ve just read the first chapter of “洗脳” (“Brainwash”) authored by ToshI-kun. It’s very intense. I’ve heard it will get much more intense later..

I just wanted to share one part of the first chapter where ToshI announced to the X Japan members that he wanted to quit.

It was done at Yoshiki’s recording studio in LA.

He sat down with Yoshiki only. He could not even look at Yoshiki.

ToshI: “Yoshiki, there is something I have to tell you..” while he kept looking down. “I want to quit X..”

After a long duration of silence, Yoshiki said, “I understand.. ToshI..”

ToshI did not expect such a simple response from him.

Yoshiki continued, “But this has to be consulted with other members, so can I call other members now to talk about this?”

Soon, Hide and Heath joined.

Hide: “It’s you again, ToshI-kun!” (There was a reason why he said that.) “What’s going to happen to X without a vocalist!” (It was unusual for Hide to get so emotional.) “We’ve solved many problems no matter what problem arose. X is not only ToshI-kun’s life, but is also everyone else’s life. What are we going to do from now on!”

Yoshiki was just silent looking down and was playing Yoshiki-model guitar that he picked up from the floor.

ToshI: “Hide-chan, I thought about this over and over for a long time and have finally come to this conclusion. I can no longer devote myself to X with my body and soul. I cannot continue with you like this by deceiving myself. By meeting someone new, my life value has changed. I want to save people from now on.”

Hide: “We can save people with music.”

ToshI: “No I don’t think I can if I stay with X. I want to save people truthfully.”

Their dialogues continued..

Hide: “So you are saying a rock band cannot save people?”

ToshI: “That’s right.”

Yoshiki’s hand stopped from playing guitar.

Heath kept staring at one point on the table in silence.

Hide looked disgusted and pouted.

After everybody being silent for a while, Yoshiki said, “He is so determined to quit, so there’s no point of holding onto ToshI now.”

ToshI could no longer stay after hearing Yoshiki’s word, and left without looking back. He kept repeating, “I’m really sorry everyone.. Thank you very much until now..” but only in his heart.. He became fraught with emotion and cried..

We all know.. ToshI-kun was brainwashed.. 💔(*_*)

I just feel so heartbroken and moved by how Yoshiki reacted.. ( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू ) I feel he probably knew that was going to happen.. Yet, being in such a big shock and hurt (I cannot even imagine how much), he was thoughtful, respectful to ToshI-kun’s decision and feeling, mature, and had a great courage to face facts. I find it extremely attractive.. よっちゃん、愛おしいよ。。

I feel sad to hear Hide-chan’s reaction knowing how much X meant to him (/ _ ; )

I wonder how Pata-chan reacted..

I am so grateful that ToshI-kun came back.. ❤️ お帰り〜 \(^o^)/ (But I still have many more chapters of the book to read.. *__*). Luv ToshI-kun!

Can’t wait for MSG~~!!!!

We Are X!!


本日は新宿サブナード「福家書店」で「洗脳」の サイン本お渡し&握手会を行いました

沢山の声援、有難うございました Toshl

Today in the Shinjuku Subnade Fuke Bookstore is the book signing of ‘Brainwashing’ & plenty of encouragement made at this meeting, Thank you very much! Toshl

ToshI Official

Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan

Table of Content

1章 1993~1997―地獄への切符(仕組まれた地獄への入り口

家族の崩壊 ほか

2章 1997~1998―洗脳男(血判状

X JAPAN解散 ほか

3章 1998~2006―騙し続ける妻の残虐性(完全支配

ボランティアと称した営業活動 ほか)

4章 2006~2009―逃亡、暴力、そして拉致監禁(X JAPANの再結成)

一筋の光 ほか

5章 2009~現在―奇跡の出会い(「洗脳」からの脱出

歌をやめる決意 ほか

Chapter 1: 1993-1997-Ticket to Hell (Entrance to The Orchestrated Hell)

-The Collapse of the Family

Chapter 2: 1997-1998—Brainwashed Man (Letter of Blood-Seal)

-X JAPAN Dissolution

Chapter 3: 1998-2006-Brutality Continue. Cheating Wife (Complete Dominance)

-Claiming to be Volunteers (Operating Activities)

Chapter 4: From 2006 to 2009—Escape, Violence, Kidnapping, and Confinement (X JAPAN Reunion)

-A Ray of Light

Chapter 5: 2009-Encounter of Miracle Escape from “Brainwashing”

-Determination to Stop a Song

ToshI’s Book Signing & Meeting

From: ToshI Official

Toshlサイン本お渡し&握手会整理券詳細~ Toshl執筆の衝撃の本「洗脳」のサイン本お渡し&握手会が決定いたしました。明日、福家書店 新宿サブナードにて16:30までにお越し頂いた方に福屋書店窓口で、当日整理券の配布は致します


Toshl(X JAPAN)さんサイン本お渡し&握手会 開催日時:2014年07月27日 (日) 16:30~ 書籍「洗脳 地獄の12年からの生還」(税込1,728円) 撮影不可 [整理券配付について] ・配付開始日→7/18(金)午前10時から ・配付は、新宿サブナード店店頭のみとなります。 ・配付はお並びの列があるまでは、お一人様1会計につき1枚までとさせていただきます。 (整理券追加購入ご希望の方は、申し訳ございませんが、お待ちいただいている方の列に再度お並び願います) ・配付時に、商品代金を頂戴いたします。 ※整理券には数に限りがございます。なくなり次第終了させていただきます。

福家書店 オフィシャルWEBサイト http://www.fukuya-shoten.jp/event/

Toshl book signing/meeting ticket details.
A book signing and meeting of Toshl’s “Brainwashing” has been decided. Tomorrow, in Fukuya Bookstore Window at 16:30 at Shinjuku Sabunado Fuke Bookstore, we will distribute on the day tickets.

We ask that you contact by phone Fuke bookstore, to Shinjuku Sabunado the official website.

Book Signing and Meeting (X JAPAN) Toshl
Dates: July 27, 2014 (Sun) 16:30 ~
"Survivor from ‘12 of brainwashing hell" Books (1,728 yen including tax) not taken [For ticket distribution]

• From 10:00
Distribution start date → 7/18 (Fri) morning, Delivery is only over-the-counter at Shinjuku Sabunado store.
- Until there is a column of your list, it will be considered up to 1 per account per person and distributed.
(The person of the additional purchase tickets you would like, I am sorry, I hope your list again in a column of people are Waiting to speak)
During deployment, I will receive the product price.
※ There is a limited number of the ticket. It will end soon.

Fuke bookstore official WEB site http://www.fukuya-shoten.jp/event/

速報!バンドメンバー追加決定!! 2014年8月25日に行われる Toshl  CRYSTAL ROCK NIGHTSUMMER LIVE IN DAIBA 未来をEYEしてるゼ に参戦するバンドメンバーが新たに決定いたしました! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ *http://toshi-samuraijapan.com/info/013.html

●追加決定アーティスト Piano: Toshiharu Kotaki

Piano:小瀧俊治 オフィシャルブログ→http://ameblo.jp/toshiharukotaki-pf/

●コメント 物心ついたときからクラシック音楽と共に心の中に流れ続けているXやToshlさんの音楽。そんなToshlさんの特別な一夜に参加できることを光栄に思います。精一杯サポートさせていただきます。

●プロフィール クラシックピアニストとして全国各地やアメリカなど海外でもソロリサイタルを行う他、Caco et Tasso、Les hommes SKY、Ensemble Tripticのメンバーとしてクラシック界では異例のライブハウス公演を行うなど多方面に渡り活躍している。 繊細な音色から会場を包み込むダイナミックな音色まで巧みに操るピアニズムには定評がある。近年はジャンルの垣根を越え様々なアーティストのサポートをするなど活動の幅を広げている。

Additional band members have been decided!
Band members to participate in Toshl 
未来をEYEしてるゼ that takes place on August 25, 2014 has been decided anew!
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

● Additional Artists Decision
Piano: Toshiharu Kotaki

Piano: Shotaki Toshiharu
Official Blog → http://ameblo.jp/toshiharukotaki-pf/

● Music of Toshl and X continues to flow in the mind along with the classical music since I was with comment discretion. And I am honored to be able to participate in a special night of Toshl’s. I will support my best.

● In addition to performing solo recitals abroad within the United States and all over the country as a profile classical pianist, and has been active in many fields, such as performing a live house, performances of exceptional classical world as a member Caco et Tasso, Les hommes SKY, and Ensemble Triptic . I have a good reputation in the pianism that juggle to the tone dynamic wrapping up a venue from delicate tone. I have expanded the range of activities, such as support for various artists beyond the boundaries of the genre in recent years.

*Includes the entire list of participating artists announced so far.

(Source: m.facebook.com)


Toshl著作本『洗脳』が本日7月23日発売されます。 全国書店およびインターネット販売でお求めいただけます。

本日7月23日、僕が1年間に渡り執筆をしてきた本『洗脳』が リリースされました。 ぜひ読んでいただけたら幸いです。read. ToshI


Toshl’s book “ Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan ” has been released today.

Available at national bookstore and Internet sales. Today 7/23, I, for over one year, have been writing “ Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan ” and it has now been released. I read. ToshI


Visit CDJapan if you’re interested in ordering a copy.

速報!バンドメンバー追加決定!! 2014年8月25日に行われる Toshl  CRYSTAL ROCK NIGHTSUMMER LIVE IN DAIBA 未来をEYEしてるゼ に参戦するバンドメンバーが新たに決定いたしました! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ http://toshi-samuraijapan.com/info/013.html

●追加決定アーティスト● Baking Vocals:Kate(My Fairytale) ■Kate(My Fairytale)オフィシャルホームページ http://myfairytale.jp/

■Kate(My Fairytale)コメント 今回この記念すべきLIVEに参加する機会を与えて頂き、とても光栄に思います。Xの楽曲に夢中になり、コピーに明け暮れた学生時代を思うと、Toshlさんと共演できるなんて本当に幸せです。 若輩者ではありますが、バックコーラスで精一杯Toshlさんのステージを支えたいと思いますので宜しくお願いします。

■Kate(My Fairytale)プロフィール 2014年5月始動の新人ヴィジュアル系ロックバンド、My Fairytaleのボーカリスト。 「おとぎ話」というバンド名に基づき、メルヘンの世界と、その裏にある残酷な一面の両方を、Vocal Kateの文学的な詞世界と繊細で儚げな歌声で表現する。浮遊感のある幻想的なサウンドを融合させたファンタジー性溢れる様々な楽曲を武器に、精力的にライブ活動を展開している。

本日18日からe-plusより一般発売開始! 購入はこちらから↓ ↓


New Band member added!
Toshl CRYSTAL ROCK NIGHTSUMMER LIVE IN DAIBA have decided on a new band members to compete in!
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Backing Vocals: Kate (My Fairytale)
■ Kate (My Fairytale)
Official Home Page: http://myfairytale.jp/
■ Has been given the opportunity to participate in this memorable LIVE and comments this time Kate (My Fairytale), is very honored. I think as a student I became enamored of X songs, a lot of copy can be played with Toshl and I’m really happy.

And as the youngest person here, in the backing vocals best Toshl’s stage want to support so thank you.
■ My Fairytale, Kate (My Fairytale) Profile 2014 May: Starting rookie Visual Rock vocalist. Cruel one side of both the world of fairytale and behind the scenes, based on the fairy tale the band name to express in literary poetry world of vocalist Kate and delicate and fragile voice.

Various music fusion of fantastic sound with floating feeling fantasy of weapons, vigorously expand live activities.
Today from 18 e-plus general sale started!
Purchase here ↓ ↓

Toshlサイン本お渡し&握手会緊急決定! Toshl執筆の衝撃の本「洗脳」のサイン本お渡し&握手会が決定いたしました。 このチャンスをお見逃しなく!!

Toshl(X JAPAN)さんサイン本お渡し&握手会 開催日時:2014年07月27日 (日) 16:30~ 商品タイトル:講談社刊 書籍「洗脳 地獄の12年からの生還」(税込1,728円) 撮影不可 [整理券配付について] ・配付開始日→7/18(金)午前10時から ・配付は、新宿サブナード店店頭のみとなります。 ・配付はお並びの列があるまでは、お一人様1会計につき1枚までとさせていただきます。 (整理券追加購入ご希望の方は、申し訳ございませんが、お待ちいただいている方の列に再度お並び願います) ・配付時に、商品代金を頂戴いたします。 ※整理券には数に限りがございます。なくなり次第終了させていただきます。




[商品について] ・商品はイベント当日会場にてお渡しいたします。(事前サイン済み本)

■イベント当日受付時の注意事項(必ずお読みください) ・イベントの安全な進行のため、事前に金属探知機等のボディーチェックを実施いたします。なるべく金属類は身に着けて来られないようお願いいたします。 ・ご賛同いただけない場合はイベントにご参加いただけませんのでご理解、ご協力をお願いいたします。 ・お手荷物等はブース前で全てお預かりいたします。なるべく最小限のお荷物でご来場頂けます様ご協力お願いいたします。 ・プレゼント、お手紙等は、スタッフがお預かりいたします ・会場内外での写真撮影・録画等は禁止といたします。

※詳細はこちら↓ ↓ ↓ http://www.fukuya-shoten.jp/event/#5758

Toshl book signing & meeting! Impact of Toshl book ‘ Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan ’ book signing & meeting has been decided.

Don’t miss this chance! Toshl ( X JAPAN ), will hold a book signing and meeting held on: 7/27/2014 (Sunday) at 16:30-products title: Kodansha and non-published books from Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan (including tax ¥ 1,728) taken [about SMTS arrangement] → distribution date on 7 / 18 (Friday) at 10:00. Distribution is limited to Shinjuku subnade store shelves. -One per person until you have your sort column distribution is limited to one per 1 accounting. (In the way that we organize tickets additional purchases you wish to apologize, but column again line up please), will be charged goods at distribution time. Ticket numbers are limited.

Lasts will be discontinued.

  • This event will be held at Fuke Bookstore where website membership, admission is not implemented.

We accept ticket by phone, FAX, email, registered mail, etc. will not be conducted.

Regarding goods, booking in Fuke book stores, and other booksellers, etc., event participation will not be eligible. About [Product] and products event venue will be delivered. (Pre-signed books) ■ Event day safety progress notes (must read please) reception and event prior will be subjected to body checks and metal detectors conducts. As much as possible and the metal wearing come not as you please. -So if you do not agree please understand and give your cooperation please. And such baggage in the booth before all luggage. Visitors should come with minimal luggage for our cooperation, please.

-Gifts, luggage, letter, staff, photo shooting, outside the venue, recording, etc. will be banned.
* For details, click here ↓ ↓ ↓

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